Discover and curate data across your relational systems in the enterprise.


Extract, transform, load, and wrangle data across data storage and processing systems with rules based processing.


Metadata driven data governance and lineage that lets you track schema changes over time.

Data 360

Data is a key asset for enterprises, yet finding the right data on the right systems can be elusive. ProEDMS allows you to leverage the metadata from your databases to discover and organise your data with ease.


Supports all databases that are supported by JDBC.

Tagging and Labeling

Catalog generation with tagging and labeling supported down to column level.


Customizable scheduling for catalog triger.

DB evolution

DB evolution- trading change to data structure over time.

Search Metadata

Search metadata powered by Elastic Search.

CDAP integration

CDAP- Integration plugin that applies metadata to records being processed during ETL.