Find the plugin you need

All plugins in one place

CDAP’s plugin ecosystem is ever growing, and finding the right plugin for your project can sometimes be tricky. With the plugin hub you have access to both open source and commercial plugins. This includes open source plugins published by Google and the CDAP community, and commercial plugins published by ISV’s and independent contributors.

Private Plugin Repository

Take full control over your custom plugins with full CDAP integration.

CDAP provides a comprehensive collection of open source plugins, but what if you want to manage a collection of your own custom plugins and do it all within the same user experience you’re accustomed to? What makes CDAP so powerful is that it’s easily extensible with custom plugins. Now you have the ability to incorporate your custom plugins with your CDAP environment for seamless and secure user experience.


Search plugins

Search for plugins by type, description, version, tag, and more. All plugins are organized by CDAP release version so you can locate the plugin you need for your specific version of CDAP or Cloud Data Fusion.

Easy Access to Documentation

All the plugin docs you need, on-line!

You no longer need to install a plugin just to get at the docs. All plugin documentation is available on-line for easy access to plugins configuration settings so you can determine if it’s the right plugin for your pipeline, and understand what configuration parameters a plugin accepts. Finding that right plugin for your project is easier than ever with all the configuration information accessible in one easy to use web experience.


Batteries Included

All the tools you need for plugin management.

Whether you’re installing a plugin from your private repo to CDAP, or you need to create automation to load multiple plugins at once, managing public and private plugins havehas never been easier. Integrate your private hub with CDAP for seamless access to both public and private plugins by simply updating your configuration.

You can download plugins using your browser, the CDAP command-line interface, the REST API, or use our custom built artifact management app.