Multiple Instances, One Console

Take control of all of you CDAP and Cloud Data Fusion instances.

Managing pipelines across multiple instances can be a daunting task. Manually deploying, migrating, validating, or testing pipelines across instances is a painstaking process and can be very time-consuming.


AdaptiveScale Hub

Allows you to connect to multiple instances simultaneously, so that you can manage pipelines across instances regardless if they are in private or public clouds. Copying pipelines from one environment onto another, or from one namespace into another namespace on the same instance becomes effortless.



  • imageSupports CDAP and Cloud Data Fusion.
  • imageTransfer pipelines between instances and namespaces.
  • imageSwitch between namespaces.
  • imageExport all pipelines as a compressed archive.
  • imageExport individual pipelines in native JSON format.
  • imageUpload a single pipeline with auto-upgrade detection.
  • imageBatch upload multiple pipelines.
  • imageRun a pipeline interactively.
  • imageDelete a single pipeline.
  • imageMultiselect and delete multiple pipelines.
  • imageAutomatically publish pipelines in deployed or draft mode.

DevOps Ready

Publish any pipeline, anywhere.

Leveraging Git for version control allows teams to work more efficiently, and now you can extend this practice to pipeline management as well.

You can export pipelines from any environment, inclusive of all namespaces, as a single compressed archive containing all pipelines for all namespaces, or export pipelines only for a given namespace, or individually as desired.

Exported artifacts are structured in a hierarchical fashion composed of folders matching the namespace name that containscontain the pipelines for that namespace. Use your standard Git tooling and practices to incorporate those artifacts into a repository and manage artifact promotion with CI/CD. So, no more excuses! Check your pipelines into Git and get started.

Uploading Pipelines


Uploading pipelines to any environment is just as easy. You can upload artifacts of an entire environment, by namespace, or individual pipelines. Auto-upgrade detection is also included. Incorporating a Git workflow into your CDAP and Cloud Data Fusion ecosystem will allow you to automate much of the manual and mundane tasks so you can focus on building great applications.

Scale Up with AdaptiveScale

The right tools to bridge private and public cloud operations.

Scale up your operations with AdaptiveScale. Take control of your development, testing, and production environments with the right set of tools and services for data integration. AdaptiveScale software empowers individuals and enterprises to focus on building great applications by removing barriers for managing multiple environments.

Check out our collection of open source tools on Github.


Data Governance & Lineage

CDAP and Cloud Data Fusion provide a solid foundation for data governance and lineage for data processed through the platform. Leveraging the platform’s underlying metadata opens many new possibilities for data governance at scale.

Go beyond data integration by incorporating Data Governance and Data Cataloging & Tagging for relational database systems. AdaptiveScale allows you to unify your private and public cloud operations with enhanced controls for data governance and lineage. Easily find the data you need regardless if it resides on-prem in an RDBMS or on a data warehouse in the cloud. Apply processing rules based on tags for securely handling sensitive and PII data.

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